FancyButton in demo app has animation problem

Dec 30, 2009 at 2:37 AM

I'm trying to use the really cool FancyButton implementation (with the swirling concentric circles).  When you mouse over the button, the animation starts ok, but when you move out and mouse back in, the animation gets all crazy, third time it grinds to a halt.

It utilizes some pretty elaborate animation stuff that is above my head.  Any chance you can help?  Did it perhaps originate from from a third party?

BTW congrats on Cinch, I've evaluated every MVVM framework I could find and it is simply the best, once I came to grips with the fact that Prism wasn't really a good idea.  Also, DataWrapper rocks!

Chris Bordeman

May 9, 2010 at 7:10 AM

Sorry about the very long delay in this reply, but FancyButton came from one of the Blend2/3 samples. There was a 3D motorbike one, I grabbed it from there and changed it.


I am glad you like Cinch, I am now working on CinchV2 which blows this version out of the water. CinchV2 will be powered by MEF, and has lots more to offer people I think, including the following

1. Setting focus from ViewModel, which is very extensible

2. Set VisualState (using standard and Extended VisualStateManagers)

3. All attached behaviours will use Blend behaviours not attached DPs

4. No more IOC, people moaned that I dont like Unity I use such and such IOC container. So this time there is no IOC container, instead I will be using MEF, which is now part of .NET 4 proper

5. It will also work for Silverlight

6. Design time data will be supported